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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is very common and can greatly affect one's quality of life. Sadly many people are not aware of it. We are here to help.

Interesting Fact

One in three persons over the age of 65 – a total of 165 million people worldwide – lives with hearing loss. (WHO)

what is hearing loss?

In March 2019, a report by World Health Organization estimated that 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. The prevalence increases with age and approximately one third of adults over 65 years old have disabling hearing loss. Locally, it is estimated that 39.1% of Singaporeans over 60 years old has disabling hearing loss. 

Causes of hearing loss are highly varied. Some types of hearing loss are reversible and others are permanent (irreversible). Some types of reversible hearing loss include cerumen (ear wax)

blockage and infection. Irreversible types are usually attributed to noise-inducement and age (presbycusis). Noise and age-related hearing loss are often progressive and gradual. They often go undetected especially by the individual. 

Hearing loss can adversely affect an individual’s quality of life. With severe to profound hearing loss, safety and daily activities can be compromised. Any hearing loss in even one ear can affect social functions and communication with loved ones. It can affect productivity and communication at work, leading to stress. Over time, the individual can be left feeling helpless and isolated which may lead to mood disorder and other complications. 

how do we detect it?

It is therefore important to detect hearing loss and intervene early. Extensive evidence has shown that unaided hearing impairment can accelerate onset of cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly. 

Signs of hearing impairment include

  • Asking people to repeat themselves 

  • Difficulty understanding what others say in noisy or crowded places 

  • Difficulty following group conversations 

  • People seem to mumble 

  • Comments from others that you turn the TV volume too loud

You and your loved ones do not have to struggle with the consequences of hearing loss. Get in touch with our hearing care professional today.

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